After their introduction in 2011, the BuzziBlinds Classic became an instant hit as partitions for open-plan spaces. Five years later it’s time to add some zest to the family. The BuzziBlinds are inspired by modernist architecture. The rhythm and tonalities created by the orientation of the V-cut BuzziBlinds add a dynamic and depth to any space.

This free-standing room divider is made up of a series of five rotating acoustic blinds. With a simple twist, the blinds can be opened or closed to varying degrees to create privacy or open-up space. This gives individuals the opportunity to determine the level of privacy they may want or need at any given moment to concentrate on a specific task.

With these New BuzziBlinds, we wanted to offer the possibility to create ever more personal and customized spaces.

The difficulty was to manage the repetition found in the logic of the blinds.  We had to make sure that what we created would not become too heavy visually. So apart from making them wider, we have worked on the shape of the top of each “blade” composing a BuzziBlind, and also used a very innovative “V-Cut” technique developed by Buzzispace in order to create patterns in the outer material of the blinds. These patterns are actually only reviled by the light impact on the “V-Cut” made in the thick sound-absorbing felt and by their shadows.

The new BuzziBlinds consists of 4 different shapes with the possibilities to have different V-Cut patterns carved straight into the BuzziFelt. The blind can be treated with different colors on each side, in order to generate an interesting visual effect when partly opened.  On some of the BuzziBlinds, by turning two “blades” of the blinds one can also create new differentiated shapes and a new pattern. But each separate blind could also be fitted with a different color. Combined to that the fact that one can have them on a straight or curved base…

The result is an almost infinite number of possibilities offered to architects and end-users making the New BuzziBlinds a real tool to express their own creativity.