The Wicked collection is all about playing with the construction logics of rattan seats in a modern and striking manner.

Classical rattan seats typically have a structure made of thicker rattan parts and a skin made of much thinner woven rattan, both of which are always heavily intertwined. The idea behind the Wicked collection was to treat both as separate elements made out of different materials in order to reveal the structure and create a discussion between both elements. The external metal structure thus becomes a bold element that comes in different colors and brings a fresh and modern feel to the chair, which is made using a variety of processes.

A discussion between industrial and manual processes is created. A discussion aimed to highlight and bring value to both elements of the seat. A discussion between a more masculine and almost art deco aluminum structure, and a softer, rounder and more feminine rattan shell.

The Wicked collection is designed to be visually lightweight and to have a somewhat floating effect.

Depending on the material used for the woven shell, it can be used indoors or outdoors.