Design as a second life. After studying Political Sciences and Marketing Management, Alain Gilles went on to work in the international financial world for 5 years. But one has to live his own life. So, thanks to the moral support of his wife, he went back to studying Industrial design in France.

He opened his own studio in late 2007 in order to pursue his own dreams and develop his personal approach to product design, furniture design, art direction and scenography. He has since started to collaborate with several international editors such as Ligne Roset (FR), Bonaldo (IT), BuzziSpace (BE), Varaschin (IT), Vincent Sheppard (BE), La Chance (FR), Casamania (IT), XL Boom (BE), Greenmood (BE), Another Country (UK), Modular Lighting (BE), Fratelli Rossetti (IT), Saba Italia (IT), Miniforms (IT), ...

Several of his products have been awarded international prices, such as the Henry Van De Velde Label, the Design for Asia Golden Award, The “Red Dot Best of the Best” for the Welded table and the Good Design award for the Big Table.

In 2012, he was named “Designer of the Year”  by the prestigious Interieur Kortrijk Fair.

Born:  1970 in Brussels (BELGIUM)






  • Good Design award, 2023  (USA), awarded by the "Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Archiecture and Design" for the Hashira Table designed for ligne Roset.

  • Good Design award, 2023  (USA), awarded by the "Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Archiecture and Design" for the Padiglioni Table designed for Bonaldo.

  • Stylepark Selected Award, 2023, for the Padiglioni dining table for Bonaldo.

  • Archiproducts Design Award, 2023, for the Cruz planters designed for Greenmood.

  • AZ Award organised by Azure Magazine, 2023 (CA), in the Interior Product cathegory, for the Framed collection designed for Greenmood.

  • IF Design award, 2023  (DE), for the Extruded Light Collection designed for Modular Lighting Instruments.

  • Good Design award, 2020  (USA), awarded by the "Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Archiecture and Design" for the Geometric Table designed for Bonaldo.

  • “BOY - BEST OF YEAR award” –  2020  (USA) by Interieur Design Magazine, for the CROSS table for Bonaldo.
  • “BOY - BEST OF YEAR award” –  2019  (USA) by Interieur Design Magazine, for the BuzziBRACKS for Buzzispace.
  • “Archiproducts Design Awards” –  2019  (IT),  for the BuzziTABLE for Buzzispace.
  • “Product Innovations 2018” – Grand Award” by Building Magazine (USA), first place in the acoustic cathegory for the BuzziZEPP sofa collection for Buzzispace.
  • “Product Innovations 2018” – Merit Award” by Building Magazine (USA), second place in the seating cathegory for the BuzziSPARK sofa collection for Buzzispace.
  • “Best of NeoCon – Silver Award” 2018 awarded by Contract Magazine (USA) in the Decorative Lighting cathegory for our BuzziHAT acoustic lamp designed for Buzzispace.
  • HiP Award  2108 (USA) for the BuzziHAT acoustic lamp designed for Buzzispace.
  • Hospitality Design Award winner 2018  ( USA), by Hospitality Design Magazine, for the BuzziHAT acoustic light for Buzzispace.
  • “Möbel des Jahres” 2017 nomination by Wohnen Magazine (CH) for Eddy armchair designed for Bonaldo.
  • Wallpaper Design Award 2017 (Best New Angles category) for the New BuzziBlinds designed for Buzzispace. 

  • Les découverte M&O January 2017 for the kitchen tool collection designed for Evolution.

  • HIP Awards Winner, 2016  (NEOCON, Chicago, USA)  in the 'Accessories' product category for the New BuzziBlinds designed for Buzzispace.

  • Henry Van De Velde Label, 2015 (BE)  for the Structure sofa designed for Bonaldo.

  • IMM Innovation Award 2014 (Cologne, DE) for the Multifonctional BuzziPicnic table designed for Buzzispace (BE).

  • Good Design award, 2014  (USA), awarded by the "Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Archiecture and Design" for the Tracks Table designed for Bonaldo.

  • Good Design award, 2014  (USA), awarded by the "Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Archiecture and Design" for the multifonctional BuzziPicnic table collection designjed for Buzzispace.

  • BOY Winner, 2014  (USA), organized by Interior Design Magazine, in the "Furniture Contract/System" category.

  • Contract Magazine Editor's choice Award, 2014 (USA)  in the 'Collaborative Furniture' section for the BuzziPicnic Table designed for Buzzispace.

  • HIP Awards Winner, 2014  (NEOCON, Chicago, USA)  in the 'Collaboration / Large' product category for the BuzziPicnic table designed for Buzzispace.
  • HIP Awards Honoree, 2014" (USA)  in the 'Flexible Office Solution' category for the BuzziVille designed for Buzzispace in collaboration with the Buzzispace Design Team.

  • ADEX Silver Award for Design Exelence, 2014 (USA) for the BuzziHive designed for Buzzipsace.

  • Green Dot Award, 2013, Los Angeles, (USA)  for the Nomad solar portable lamp designed for O'Sun.

  • Red Dod design Award - Best of the Best, 2013 (DE)  for the Welded table designed for Bonaldo.

  • Henry Van De Velde Public Award, 2012 (BE)  for the Nomad solar portable lamp designed for O'Sun.

  • Designer of the Year, 2012 (BE) awarded by the biennale Interieur Kortrijk, the Design Museum of Gent, the Grand-Hornu Image Museum, design September, Knack Weekend magazine & Le Vif Weekend magazine.

  • Design for Asia - Golden Award, 2012, (HK)  awarded by the Hong Kong Design Center for the Nomad solar portable lamp designed for O’Sun.

  • Henry Van De Velde Label, 2012 (BE)  for the Nomad solar portable lamp designed for O'Sun.

  • Henry Van De Velde Label,  2011 (BE)  for the BuzziBooth designed for Buzzispace.

  • Good Design Award, 2009, (Chicago - USA)  for the Big Table designed for Bonaldo.

  • Fost Plus - Reinventing Packaging Award, 2009 (BE)  for the recycled Translation range designed for Qui est Paul ?.

  • Henry Van De Velde Label, 2008 (BE)  for the Tectonic tables designed for Bonaldo.





  • German Design Award,  2024
  • Grand Prix du Design, Montréal, Canada, 2024
  • SIT Furniture Design award, 2024
  • ADA - Archiproducts Design Awards,  2023
  • AZ Awards, Azure Magazine, 2023
  • German Design Award,  2023
  • Feeel Design World Prize,  2023
  • ADA - Archiproducts Design Awards,  2022
  • International Architecture & Design Awards,  2022
  • Feeel Design World Prize,  2022
  • Azerbaijan Design Award,  2022
  • ADA - Archiproducts Design Awards,  2021
  • Global Architecture & Design Awards,  2021
  • Design Educates Award,  2021
  • Concretition, Internation Concrete Public Furniture Award  2021,   (President)
  • ADA - Archiproducts Design Awards,  2020
  • ADA - Archiproducts Design Awards,  2019
  • Vitrine Pour Un Designer,  2018   (President)
  • Interieur Kortrijk Awards,  2018
  • SILMO d’Or Awards Paris, The Optical Fair,  2016   (President)