The Round BuzziPicNic tables are an extension of the BuzziPicNic range but it creates a whole different dynamic because of the way people are seated. It will allow the flow of ideas to better circulate and be me easily enriched by everyone around the table.

From a conceptual point of view, this round version of the BuzziPicNic table is no different than the other rectangular version; it was also designed to be a versatile table suitable for various activities during the day.  The smaller versions of the Round BuzziPicNic tables are more suitable for exchanging ideas over work, or for eating…   while the larger version have been designed in order to make sure that they could also be used as fully functional desks with for instance a lazy susy at the center to share stationaries for example.

Because a round workbench is less common special attention hat to be payed to the size in order to make sure that people had enough personal space while still being close enough to reach the electric and internet connections placed at the center of the table.

This round table which is made in solid wood has a table top that is split in two.  This is done amongst for easier transport. But from a conceptual point of view, this also allows us to propose two ends, a divided version of the round table that can transform a rectangular BuzziPicNic table into a large workbench with round endings.  These endings could then be used as common areas for exchanging ideas on a project, or to place elements that will be shared by the team sitting around these large workbenches like a printer, coffee machine, box of chocolates or a home backed cake…

So by combining a round version and a rectangular version of the BuzziPicNic table an oblong table can also be created.