Life is light!    In the dark of the night on a whiter day, one can see life from afar, a small village with houses and a taller building, either a communal house or church...  difficult to tell from a distance.  The village is only visible because of the light shining through the window. One can almost feel the warmth and life inside the houses and feel drawn towards these light sources.  As one approaches, he can see inside the houses and eventually be welcomed in one of them.

The whole concept of the scenography is about the relationship between life and light. The warmth, color, and joy that it brings.  The importance of light in our lives.

The very shape of the “stands” comes from the shape of standard north European houses cut in two and arranged in a lively way around the iconic shape of a taller building... either a communal house or church.

The inside of the houses is then treated in three different colors, the typical RGB colors that represent all the possible colors combinations of light.

As one walks through the scenography he discovers the stands little by little, hens creating a richer experience.

pictures  by Andy De Decker