The BuzziVille offers the possibility to create your own little village or neighborhood and the life and interaction that goes with it. Just like architects creating the master plans of cities.  It is a tool for architects, companies and people living in open space offices to organize their daily work and interactions.

The start of the logic was to mix private cocoon-like spaces with common informal meeting areas. Retreat time versus sharing time. Personal time versus common time…  of course, the common spaces can also be used alone to refresh yourself when looking for new ideas.

It is a very flexible and free-standing modular system that can easily be rearranged and customized when the needs and interactions change in a company, when it grows or when it moves to different premises.

The general logic of the modularity is very simple. One can play with three different sizes of “spaces”   ( and two different heights ).  It is all down to the use and the size that one wants for a specific task.  Each type of “space” can become a desk ( high or low ), a meeting space with a couch, or an empty space that can be used for anything else.


In the end, to build these dynamic modular spaces, only a limited amount of simple modules are used. People can easily connect these modules together thanks to a hidden hook system that connects the panels together without any tools. Ones this is done, a worktop, a bench, a little tablet, or a storage element can be set it in.

As for the Buzziville Meeting Space/Table, it offers a new interactive way to share ideas and show the project in a more dynamic setting than a meeting room.

Thanks to the innovative connections between meetings and workspaces, the BuzziVille is a tool that offers architects and office planers new possibilities, and above all opens up the possibilities...