The “Vessel Desk” is a simple and qualitative child’s desk that plays with the codes of the archetypal school desk while at the same time projecting itself into the future. It also refers lightly to the world of wooden children’s toys with its little “vessel” that is both a graphic and playful modular element.

The desk and bench are made in oak and assembled in a traditional manner, while the little “vessels” are made using the full capabilities of computer-guided milling machines. Hence, it is truly a mix of tradition and modernity.

When buying a desk one can choose from three different types of “vessels” finished in several colors ( stained wood ), or in a natural oak finish. Each “vessel” offers a different mix of functionality.  The possibility to store pencils, pens, paperclips, rubber bands, papers, cards...  or even smartphones and tablets....  depends on the element chosen of course. 

The “vessels” are little worlds of their own that can turn into treasure boxes for the children using them.... or like little trains or vehicles since after all the can slide along the “tracks” carved into the wood.

As for the little bench that comes with the desk, one should see it as an element that translates from under the desk since it follows its general lines.  For extra comfort, a cushion can be added.

The “Vessel” Bench and Desks are available in two different heights in order to accommodate for different age groups ( more or less age 4 to 10 for the smaller version, and  9 to 99 for the bigger version since it can accommodate a teenager or an adult... )