The Gem rug collection is about an unexpected encounter, it is directly inspired by the beauty of some small gem samples that caught my eye by accident while I was walking around the flea-market on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

This initial inspiration gave birth to a composition that behaves like a collage where two contrasting elements seem to discuss with each other and where the roundness of one element is highlighted by the sheer hardness and angularity of the other shape. As in a collage, one piece appears to be on top of the other, as if the two elements were stacked on top of each other. This results is a collection of rugs with a unique design language with two different pile heights that further reinforce the idea one element being placed on top of the other, as if they were separated and could move freely one over the other.

In a way, we are playing with people's perceptions and the idea of a material. This logic of imitating materials is a craft that was very popular in the Renaissance. At that time, marble or wood were imitated on walls or furniture, but "faux" stone painting on wall was already widely used in Roman times. On our rugs, the beauty, transparency and lightness of the two pieces of quartz, accentuated by the rays of the sun, have been translated into some very fresh and soothing rugs, where the veins and the different color variations of the stone take on all their importance and give the rugs their unique depth. In a way, they are very postmodern.

These three collections of rugs have been designed to give a direction to a room and to create a discussion with the room and the environment in which they are used. The top shape, the obelisk-like shape, acts as an arrow that seems to point the way in a direction just like a road sign would, or just like an obelisk seems to point to the sky. The D-shaped version is designed to allow people to align the straight line of the rug with one of the walls of the room and truly create a conversation with its surroundings. As for the rounder shapes, they are there to define a convivial space around armchairs and sofas, or to break the rigor of certain rooms.

The collection consists of three different rug designs that are based on the same concept, but each offers its own possibilities and is available in three different color combinations. The entire collection is hand-knotted in Nepal, using wool for the upper Obelix shape and silk for the larger lower element.