The Mario planters and poufs are bold graphic statement pieces. Their oversized and iconic shapes are there to convey a message about a place, a person, a company... They bring nature in, with the plants in the case of the planters, but above all thanks to the material they are made of: expanded cork. The raw, untamed nature of these pieces of expanded cork is in itself a biophilic statement. They give the impression that a piece of earth, a piece of nature, has been brought into an interior space.

Their basic rounded geometric shapes come from the nature of the material and the way it can be shaped by machines and human hands. Bearing in mind that expanded cork is an expensive material, these pieces are literally carved from solid blocks of cork. These pieces are minimal, honest pieces that are nonetheless strong and recognizable.

Both pieces refer to the general volumes of classic terracotta planters and poufs, but in their own rounded and generous way. Their name Mario is a reference to the video game of the same name and its large, distinctive green pipes, which happen to have more or less the same shapes as the planters! A friendly and playful reference that well represents the collection.

Thanks to the use of expanded cork, these pieces offer excellent natural acoustic properties. The Mario collection is also made with one of the most renewable natural materials. The production of cork has a very low environmental impact, it is recyclable and biodegradable, it favors carbon sequestration and it supports the local economy to a great extent.