The whole logic behind the Terra collection is to offer modules that, when combined, can help architects structure a space in a lively and creative way, with natural biophilic elements that promote well-being and a sense of belonging. The collection consists of planters and poufs of various sizes that can be placed side by side to create a whole.

All the elements, all the modules are made of expanded cork. It is a natural and chunky material that brings a very earthy and raw feeling to any interior. It is meant to give the impression that the natural elements of the outside world have been brought in. The material has the roughness of tree trunks or even rock elements. This biophilic aspect is further emphasized by the plants that will be placed in the large planters. They create a very nice contrast with the dark brown color of the expanded cork. The collection is pretty much carved from cork. In a way it follows the logic of some public furniture made of concrete, with again this idea of bringing outdoors visions and moments in order to generate new perceptions and relationships between people.

The Terra collection is made with one of the most renewable natural materials. The production of expanded cork has a very low environmental impact, it is recyclable and biodegradable, it favors carbon sequestration and it supports the local rural economy to a great extent.

The tall planter is intended, among other things, as a building block to create "walls" and define specific spaces in larger spaces. By combining planters of different heights or poufs, these walls can be made more or less lively. To create new typologies and transform these partitions into living and meeting areas, these lower additional elements can be placed against or near the wall of tall planters. Small pod-like structures could also be created by combining a single tall planter with a large pouf. These pods could then be placed in different parts of a room to create small meeting areas. These could be used during the day for informal meetings between colleagues or as a place for a quick coffee break.

The logic of playing with modules of different heights and shapes is intended to allow the creation of small, lively architectures. Since the different elements are made of the same material, expanded cork, they will always seem to form a whole. Small structures behind which people can be partially hidden or protected in order to concentrate on a specific task or have a conversation. The combination of these different modules is meant to create interactions and dialogues.

The tall planters could also be used to create a biophilic separation between different desks, or placed at the end of a table to create a little more intimacy. In both cases, the height and type of plants used will have a big impact on how people feel sheltered or open to their surroundings and others in general.

As for the large poufs, they can be used as stand-alone pieces, as large "dots" in a room, or in combination with smaller poufs like the Mario poufs we also designed for Greenmood. "Constellations" can then be created with smaller poufs around a larger pouf to create small biophilic clusters where people can gather.

These pieces are all about structuring spaces, creating more intimate and personal spaces, but in different combinations they are also very much about sharing ideas, meeting people and creating informal spaces that seem like a little corner of nature in an interior.