The Customade table, as its name hints, is very much a table that can be tailor-made to the customer’s precise needs and specifications. For an outdoor table, this really is a quite unique proposition that Varaschin wanted to be able to offer. From a design point of view, it is a challenging task, especially if you want the table to have a unique personality, work in very different sizes as well as in an extendable version or a coffee table version, and offer the possibility to be used with a large array of different tabletops.

The collection is very technical with a structure made entirely of aluminum. All the pieces are either die- cast or extruded aluminum parts that are then connected together. The table is offered in 33 different sizes but actually, in reality, it can be tailor-made down to just one centimeter. There are 9 possible colors offered in the collection, and 13 different table tops… so the possibilities are almost endless… this really is part of the beauty of this project!

The collection is meant to be warm, generous and welcoming in its proportions and roundness, after all outdoor tables are about spending good times with friends and enjoying life around a meal. The general construction of the table is loosely inspired by the way dolmens are assembled together. Dolmens are slightly imperfect structures, with a horizontal top stone set on some unevenly shaped vertical stones that act as support, as legs.  This slightly imperfect combination of shapes between the top and the legs gives more visual presence, more visual weight and character to the legs and table in general.

So this table collection is very much defined by how the different elements of the tables are visually connected together. There is something very unique and unexpected in the way the legs connect to the table top since both shapes do not fully match. The table top has a rounded corner while the legs, even though they are rounded, are more squarish. This feature is further revealed by the gap that is created between the legs and the top and which brings in the light to accentuate this design detail and fully reveal the unique character of the table. It gives the legs more mass, more presence without having to make them too bulky, which would then be problematic on smaller versions. A discussion is created between the different parts of the table.

As for the various table tops set above the structure, in this case they blend in perfectly and follow the exact shape, giving it a more controlled and high-end feel. And overall more body to the table.

The Custom collection is a strong and generous table collection with refined details and is available in tailor-made and almost infinite versions.