The "Half & Half" suspension lamp is a reflection on the different perception of an object between day and night, especially that of a luminous object. The aim is to make the object come alive and to play with the light even when it is not switched on.  

As with day and night, the suspension lamp is divided into two parts. In a rather classical style, its lower part emits a soft light through its opal glass half-bulb. It is this part that comes to life when the need for light is felt. The upper ceramic part, with its characteristic cross shape, expresses its own personality when touched by daylight. The daylight will change and evolve over the course of the day and thus create a constantly changing perception and play of shadows on the upper part of the suspension and on its shiny ceramic surface divided into quarters.   

The duality of the lamp, which is in a spherical shape divided in two, manifests itself in the contrast between the materials used, but also in the shaping of the two parts. The glass part comes in a full, jovial, warm, and reassuring shape, which is balanced by a ceramic part that is almost brutalist, as if sculpted from the material. The ceramic part is as simple as an authentic object, as if coming from the earth, and in some sense primitive. This is an object which is both honest and simple, but at the same time striking and original.