The installation aims to show the fragility of an idea before it becomes a tangible design product.

From the thought, to the first sketch, to the development process, to the final product. An idea/concept can quickly get lost along the way. Once an idea starts passing through the different stage it is all about making sure that the “design intent” doesn’t get lost.

Only very few ideas have turned into a reality, most don’t even make it to the sketching phase, thus the fragility of these ideas!

The whitened furniture pieces have their sketches superimposed on them, turning them into what appears like fragile and surreal pieces defined by a few lines only.

Above the pieces elements from the pieces float into the air as a symbol of the thought process and birth of these first fragile and not-fully-defined concepts. As a symbol of the different sources of inspirations both personal and external that give birth to a concept.

The backdrop is like a sheet of paper that comes floating down the air to finally blend into the white pedestal. fragility and lightness merge into the solidity of the base to become a reality. The backdrop and base symbolize the transformation process of an idea into a material reality.

The function of the white backdrop is also to isolate the piece from the rest of the space and to create a sort of space within the space, as if one was inside the mind, between dream and reality.