The Sculptural low console and TV Stand is a functional and sculptural piece at the same time. In contrast to most TV stands, it is a statement piece. It has a special arched "belly" under its top that allows cables and power strips to be hidden so that, in most cases, only one cable needs to come out along one of its legs to connect to an electrical outlet in the wall.

The main idea is to offer the possibility to unclutter the top of the piece as much as possible, without creating drawers or bulky storage spaces, so that it remains as sculptural and enigmatic as possible, while offering this function of hiding and connecting cables when used as a TV stand.

It can also be used as a low console to provide additional surface area in a room where books or objects can be arranged and displayed, or used under a wall-mounted TV to provide a linear piece of furniture in the living room in front of a sofa.

The piece is meant to feel as if it was carved from a single massive piece of solid wood or stone. It is a monobloc element that has hidden functionalities and is meant to feel more like a sculpture than a real piece of furniture. The repetition of its legs makes it feel as if a large chunk of a tree was resting on a few supports. It is a piece that has a real mass and presence but, thanks to all its multiple curves, it plays endlessly with light and thus feels refined and detailed.

It is a very technical piece made by skilled artisans in the Veneto region in Italy.