"Framed" is a series of evocative art frames made from reindeer moss, which has natural acoustic properties. With four distinctive design styles and multidirectional hanging options, these art frames provide architects and designers with vast creative freedom and excellent functionality, thanks to their sound-absorbing nature. 

The stylistic non-figurative forms allow viewers to picture what they wish to see in the multi-tonal shapes and lines. Each panel acts as a catalyst to a world of personal dreams and memories. 

Framed with real massive oak wood specifically designed for Greenmood, each panel is available in four sizes – small, medium, large and extra-large. The lichen comes in a variety of colours to mix and match according to your design needs. You can also order the panels in custom colours for specific projects.

The Framed collection is divided into four subsets, designed to evoke different visions and perspectives:  Geometric, Landscape, Synergy and Harmony.

The arched shapes of the “Geometric” series give a sense of an opening towards an undescribed exterior view, such as a patio, an external gallery, or the windows of a house on the Italian Riviera. They are inspired by personal holiday photos taken in Italy along Lake Garda, but are intended to evoke something much broader.

The simplified architectural “Landscape” series portrays undefined landscapes, volumes and straight lines. These could be a well-tended lawn, a pool or pond that could serve as a backdrop for a summer picnic, gorgeous villas in the countryside or along the coast, or a city skyline. They are all about taking your imagination on a journey!

The “Synergy” series features undefined curved shapes that are meant to evoke the interactions between people.  The shapes are decidedly inclusive. Each form almost resembles a doodle study, isolated into a smaller frame but part of something much larger that’s unseen, but nevertheless felt.

As for the “Harmony” series, as its name suggests, it illustrates the smooth relationship and flow of ideas that can happen between people. It’s all about a somewhat toned down atmosphere and appeasing spirit.

The various frames of the collections are intended to be used and combined together. Visual continuities between their lines or through their colour combinations help them to blend together to create a lively wall with different sized frames.

Ideal for any type of interior, from residential to commercial, the Framed collection has been designed to enhance any space, from a living room or bedroom to a corporate office or lobby. 

As with all our other designs for Greenmood, the Framed collection is designed with the power of natural sound absorption in mind. Ambient noise is cushioned within the natural moss material, thereby helping to reduce the overall sound in an interior and improving the quality of life in the space.