The Belt & Cross pouffes have been conceived as siblings with common traits, but individual personalities. They share an upholstered upper part, but their unique bases give them their very own personality.

Both pouffes play with the somewhat timeless vision of a pouf, while boasting subtle detailing. Their large curved bottom gives them an extra sense of refinement and warmth, but also a light, fresh feel. The upholstered section has no straight lines, only curved surfaces that softly complement each other.

The two different versions of the pouffes play with the notion of stability and give the impression that they’re floating slightly above their base. The round metal base of the Belt pouf is pushed inwards, giving it its unique outline, and playing with the limits of stability, while the wooden cross-shaped base is an unusual feature, making the Cross pouf instantly recognizable. 

Thanks to their shared body, this pair can easily be used together; they complement each other like brother and sister, but their differences generate fresh and ever-evolving settings.  This liveliness is further reinforced by the possibility of mixing and matching different combinations of fabrics and colors or finishes for the bases.