My goal through this collaboration was to introduce a more dynamic side to the “classic” shoe, to subtly confer upon it some of the architectural dynamism found in what we commonly refer to as “sports” shoes.

The work on this capsule collection is first and foremost an architectural project on the shoe, with work on the heel as well as on the fastening, with laces that have disappeared from some models.

The heel of the shoe was worked on to give it a global dynamic specific to the shoe, particularly for men’s shoes: the heels on men’s shoes rarely receive much attention as they all tend to look alike. By becoming oblong, the heel literally reinforces the personality and the DNA of the shoe. When the graphic perforations of the shoe are positioned on the back of the shoe, the graphic link and the resulting dynamic become much stronger.

However, the work on the architecture of the product does not stop there. One of the men’s versions is also available without laces, with a very modern and minimal cut in the material that enables the foot to slide into the shoe, and which, through its simplicity, effectively redefines how the shoe is seen, appearing purer and more refined without laces.

The work on this collection, however, is also a graphic project. The aim is to see differently what for me is, in some way, the quintessence of the classic men’s leather shoe: the small moustache-shaped perforations on the front of the shoes.

These perforations were intended to be less decorative and more architectural and graphic. They have all been grouped together in a single compact and geometric pattern. This basic pattern is the synthesis between a more masculine rectangular shape and a softer and feminine oblong shape. The goal is to achieve a basic unisex pattern that can be equally suitable for use on male and female shoes. This unisex aspect is one of the characteristics of the brand. The positioning of this graphic pattern on the shoes will define the different versions.

The pattern also gives the shoe a dynamic, thus reflecting a certain dynamic that can be found on sports clothes and shoes, although it also defines how it is seen.

This capsule collection is therefore a different take on a classic and, at the same time, a desire to give a new dynamic and a certain freshness to these traditional shoes, which have been developed using all the expertise and passion of Fratelli Rossetti.