The “Cross” dining table consists of a combination of three essential elements that have been stacked together to create a stylish statement table. Its logic rests on the honesty of the materials that are used according to the functions they are fulfilling in the overall construction of the table. It represents a certain economy of means, while it is by no means sparing in its visual impact.

The table is stable thanks to its solid wooden base, in the shape of a cross. Although the table top is only resting on a thin metal structure, its cross-shaped base lends it structural strength.  Thanks to this unique cross structure, the table is stable with a central base that conveniently never obstructs people’s feet once they are seated.

The three different elements that comprise the table offer the possibility to be imaginative, creating either wild, unusual versions, or, on the contrary, more tamed down iterations. A dynamic can also be created by visually linking the central metal cross with either the base or the table top by treating both elements in the same colour or finish. The general logic behind the concept of the Cross table is most evident when different colours are used on all three elements.

Although the design appears fairly straightforward, and plays with the visual importance of each element in relation to the other, careful consideration has been paid to the detailing of each element. The wooden base and table top have curves that create a pleasing balance with the understated general look of the piece. A balance between masculinity and femininity, between straight lines and soft curves!

The tables are available in either rectangular or round versions in various sizes.