The “Coque” mirror is made from a combination of two materials that are not often used together: ceramic and mirrored glass. The idea was to create a mirror with a somewhat hypnotic effect, as well as to give a real body to the mirror thanks to what can be seen as a modern ceramic frame.

The mirror has a hypnotic effect as a result of its round shape and deep depth, but above all because the mirrored glass seems to be floating in the ceramic hollow that surrounds it. This is further reinforced by a ceramic shell that is matte on the outside and glossy on the inside.

The “Coque” mirror has real body, a real presence, in contrary to most modern mirrors, which usually feel cold and flat. As the edge of the ceramic comes slightly over the inner part, the two finishes of the ceramic are always visible at the same time.

The name of the mirror refers to its surrounding shell, since the word coque means shell in French. It thus emphasises the logic of the ceramic frame in which the mirror seems to float.