Arrange and rearrange your space as you need and bring in nature at the same time! 

The Modulor series is a collection of movable screens covered in naturally preserved plants that have high natural acoustic properties and do not require any watering or maintenance.

These screens can be easily moved around thanks to their wheels. They are an efficient solution to configuring and reconfiguring spaces as needed over time.

With six modules that come in different shapes, these modular screens offer privacy and protection as well as the possibility for architects to be creative. A combination of different screens can be used to create partitions of various lengths and heights to transform a space into a flexible and adaptive "agile" space.

The Modulor screen collection is meant to be graphic and fresh, since each element is outlined by its metallic frame. The modules can be used to define long and simple partitions with, for instance, a rounded edge at its ends, or to define wilder combinations where the different shapes are combined in unexpected manners. The screens have been designed so that, if desired, one screen can be placed in front of another, with the metal structure for the wheels sliding under the other screen and thus taking up less space.

The main component of the Modulor collection is preserved plants, most notably moss and lichen. These materials require absolutely no maintenance – no pruning, no watering, no sunlight. All the raw plant materials are carefully harvested by hand and painstakingly preserved using specialist techniques.

The various modules are available in different shapes, sizes and colours, and with various types of naturally preserved plants.