The concept of the buzziHive is a sheet, a protective sheet, wrapped around two seats. It follows the work logic of today, where people need to have instant meeting sessions... they could just take two seats, but in this case, they get an extra protective wall around them for a more quiet and peaceful conversation.

The buzziHives are little cells that remain open and welcoming and that can be used as a stand-alone piece or in groups where they truly reveal their personalities and create this impression of a little “hive”.

The walls, the protective sheets that serve as sound insulation, looks like it is a door partly open. The BuzziHive are always partly open, but because of the movement generated by their outer shell, they can be seen as an invitation for people to come in.

These little cells can come with or without a roof, depending on the need and general noise reverberation characteristics of a specific area.

Once seated people can fold down a little tablet in order to conveniently share information. Because of the folded down tablet system  the overall external size of the BuzziHive is reduced. 

These meetings cells, whether used alone or in groups as part of a general setting, will bring an architectural and modern feel to any office or public space.   Their backside as been designed flat so that they can easily be set in rows against a wall for instance or create a division between two parts of an office....  or just a little island of BuzziHives...

The Buzzihive can be sent as a flat-pack and are upholstered in recycled BuzziFabric.