The “Contrast bed”  is all about contrasts. A discussion between opposites. An extremely lightweight metal structure that is fairly masculine and very cartoon-like , and an upholstered over-sized head board which is a simplified graphic element that creates a warm welcoming atmosphere and that adds a true sensitive and feminine side to the bed.  Hence, this bed is both masculine and feminine at the same time, just like the two people that typically share a double bed.

The head board should be read as a sort of canvas that is set on a structure and is thus turned into a functional element. Thanks to its angled position it provides extra comfort to a person that would for instance be reading or working in bed.

The head board is covered in custom-made tridimensional felt textile. But it can also be a place of more artistic experimentation, as with the “loops version”. The loops are inspired by the way fabric samples are presented. In this case the “loops” are made of a 4mm thick felt that offer the quality of being a structured fabric.

The side table are an add-on feature to the standard bed, but have been designed to looks as if they are floating and is if they were part the almost continuous line defining the structure of the bed.

The Contrast Bed embodies well what I call “simplexity”, or the ability for a piece to appear simple at first glance but to be complex enough to be interesting and to generate new emotions.