The Pillars are designed to give a three-dimensional natural element to any interior wall. Covered in natural preserved moss or foliage, these simple modules create extra volume and interest to what might otherwise be seen as a nondescript wall.
The modules, made out of powder-coated aluminum, can be attached horizontally or vertically to define a space or as a bold graphic architectural statement. A few Pillars used together can also help define a particular corner of a room.
The Pillars are perfect for a corporate environment where a more natural and softer ambiance is needed. They can be used in large lobbies, hallways, open-plan offices, waiting rooms and exhibition areas.  The Pillars can be used either vertically or horizontally to create a large setting and green walls with rhythms. 
The Angles Pillars which follow the same general logic as the Pillars but have been cut one side in order to create a different perception and rhythms and to allow people to play with perception and optical illusion.
The moss helps to create a seamless composition between the modules and also helps reduce ambient sounds in the wider interior environment thanks to its acoustic properties.
These curved moss-covered pillars can be combined with the Angled Pillar modules to create an appealing and interesting wall of well-being. One can choose from a wide variety of mosses and plants. The moss on the Pillars acts as a natural sound absorber.
All Green Mood products are made with hand-picked moss and lichen that are carefully harvested in forests around the world (generally in Nordic countries but also in the south of France). They are then painstakingly washed and naturally preserved using specific techniques. Once preserved, these materials require absolutely no maintenance: no pruning, no watering, no sunlight.
Products made by Green Mood have natural acoustic qualities, but they also help to reduce stress and promote the sense of wellbeing we usually find when out walking in nature since the natural characteristics of plants have a positive effect on human beings