The collection is characterized by a distinct, recognizable arched backrest. This feature can be further accentuated by using two different types of wood, with the frame of the chair in one texture and the backrest and seat in another.

The chair was designed not only to have a unique appearance from the front but also from the back – after all, chairs are often seen from the back! Its backrest is made from formed plywood for optimal comfort and support of a person’s back. However, the structure is more technical than it may appear; the thin plywood backrest visually blends and morphs into the back leg, changing the shape of the leg where they meet. The chair is, therefore, a mix between tradition and modernity.

The structure is fairly simple, but it has some key features which add detail and embellishment. For example, the rounding on the back legs of the chair creates a dynamic between the back and front legs, and also between the top and bottom of that leg. Even the structure under the seat pan has been carefully designed to bring a certain character and lightness to the chair and to give the impression that the seat is slightly suspended above the front legs.

The collection can have its seat or backrest upholstered, thus offering a collection with more possibilities.

The chair and armchair are both stackable.