The concept of the Fold Lounge Chair is based on the idea of bending or folding two sheets of paper in order to create a backrest and a seat. These two sheets of paper happen, in fact, to behave in very much the same way as a piece of the woven cane before it is pulled over a wooden frame.

Once the cane backrest and seat structure are made, they must be connected and supported in order to turn everything into a functioning lounge chair. A metal structure is then created around these two elements. The design reinforces the dynamics of the lounge chair, whilst also giving the impression that the two cane frames are somewhat suspended in the air.

The contrasting materials used for the seat (wood/cane vs metal) create a discussion between the different elements of the chair itself and provide the option to play with colour combinations and material finishes which would be more unusual for a wooden cane seat. The combination of metal, wood and cane also creates a fresh and contemporary take on a classic, cane seat.

The accessories, such as the armrests, are treated as additional padding on the metal structure that adds a touch of warmth and softness, whilst nevertheless following the design and blending into the metal structure. These armrests are connected via the legs in an invisible manner so that the structure remains as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The same logic is applied to the adjustable headrest, which follows the curve of the cane backrest. It can be adjusted up or down using a solid brass bar that acts as a counterweight, and also adds a bit of sparkle!

The lounge chair is available either in the full cane version, or a partially caned version in which the seat is treated as an upholstered element.