With the addition of these modular Twinkles you can transform a standard green moss-covered wall into something even more unexpected. These playful graphics tools can be used to create a variety of patterns to deliver added visual contrast and interest. The potential patterns you can create are endless in scope and possibility. There are seven different module designs, including linear and curving shapes, which can be mixed together or used uniformly on one wall. They are also available in a number of different colors.

The Twinkles will add an additional layer to a green wall, giving it extra depth and an important tridimensional graphic effect. Following the logic of how traditional wallpaper was created, a set of different standard patterns have been created. Some patterns will have as little as one Twinkle per square meter, others as much as six. The pattern is then effectively repeated in the same manner, as historically wallpaper was manually screen printed and the frame of the screen printing repositioned each time at a specific distance.

Just as wallpaper can be applied to an entire room, a wall or just part of a wall, the Twinkle patterns can be used to cover and define the full length of a green wall or just part of it to highlight a specific area in a room.

Each Twinkle module is easily attached and extends beyond the organic material, so it’s always clearly visible. The Twinkles are ideal for any type of interior environment with a green wall, including corporate lobbies, hallways, open-plan offices, waiting rooms and exhibition spaces. They can be arranged in strict patterns or mixed randomly - you have complete freedom to decide.

All Green Mood products are made with hand-picked moss and lichen that are carefully harvested in forests around the world (generally in Nordic countries but also in the south of France). They are then painstakingly washed and naturally preserved using specific techniques. Once preserved, these materials require absolutely no maintenance:  no pruning, no watering, no sunlight.

Green Mood products help to reduce stress and promote the sense of wellbeing we usually feel when out walking in nature thanks to the naturally occurring positive effects that plants have on human beings.