The Ring suspensions are graphic and functional elements that play with full and hallow parts to bring a sense of dynamics and lightness to any interior. They bring greenery to interior space and have genuine natural acoustic properties. These Rings can be placed above a table or used to create large installations in wider architectural spaces.

With these vegetal suspensions, the simple delicacy of the metal framework opens a dialogue with the proliferation of plants, naturally preserved plants in this case. Moss, lichens and branches invite themselves into your interiors, providing a calm, soothing sensation, and greater acoustic comfort. The uncontrollable side of nature steps into the clean-cut side of design. 

The Ring suspensions are playful elements that encourage architects to create unique settings. The rings are available in two different sizes. One can play with them as if they were large hanging light installations. These suspensions can also be easily combined with off-the-shelve lighting elements to create an even richer experience.

All Green Mood products are made with hand-picked moss and lichen that are carefully harvested in forests around the world (generally in Nordic countries but also in the south of France). They are then painstakingly washed and naturally preserved using specific techniques. Once preserved, these materials require absolutely no maintenance: no pruning, no watering, no sunlight.

Products made by Green Mood help to reduce stress and promote the sense of wellbeing we usually find when out walking in nature since the natural characteristics of plants have a positive effect on human beings.