Perspective Line modules are slanted boxes that can be attached to interior walls in any type of arrangement. The boxes change shape and tone depending on the angle from which they are viewed.

Inspired by the architectural details found on Modernist and Brutalist building facades, these moss-covered boxes provide an opportunity to shape an interior space in a custom way.
Each of the Perspective Line boxes are made out of powder-coated aluminum and can feature any kind of preserved moss or foliage composition. They can be arranged together vertically or horizontally – or a combination of the two – and formed into any type of large pattern formations.

The Perspective Lines boxes are perfect if you’re looking for perception-altering wall features for corporate lobbies, hallways, open-plan offices, and other large interior spaces.
Extraneous sounds within the interior are dampened by the preserved moss, which is a natural sound absorber. These moss-covered blocks not only look good but also reduce sounds, aid relaxation, and boost emotional morale.

All Green Mood products are made with hand-picked moss and lichen that are carefully harvested in forests around the world (generally in Nordic countries but also in the south of France). They are then painstakingly washed and naturally preserved using specific techniques. Once preserved, these materials require absolutely no maintenance: no pruning, no watering, no sunlight.