The Geoffrey mirror is like your own private butler welcoming you at your front door or into your bedroom.  As you come indoors, empty your pockets into the little dish, hang up your umbrella and scarf…   or, if used as a mirror and valet in a bedroom, simply empty your pockets at the end of the day and hang up your shirt so it can breathe overnight…

The Geoffrey mirror is a large, decorative and multi-functional piece. The mirror is connected to the metal structure in a way that it appears to be floating since the frame doesn’t extend fully around the mirror. The straight bar serves as a rail to the movable brass dish, giving the impression of a horizon and further reinforcing the impression that the mirror is floating since the bar is reflected in the gap.

The little dish can be moved anywhere along the “rail” in order to define the use and personality of the product.

As for the name of the mirror, it is, of course, a nod to Geoffrey, the butler of the American series "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", and the valet and multifunctional side of the mirror!