The G-Screens are modular screens designed to be used as standalone elements or in relation with one another to define new space within a space.  They are circular moss-covered panels attached to a free-standing metal framework that act as screens.

The base of the round screen is an oval shape that appears to be the deformed projection on the ground of the circle screen, as if it were its shadow.

Several screens can be used to create a full wall by placing the bases of the screens next to one another in tangency.  This tangency of the different oval bases will then create a visual continuity, a link, between the various screens while nevertheless allowing one to freely create very lively and unexpected settings.

The screens can be placed just about anywhere and can even be fixed to a ceiling. The panel comes in a large variety of moss and lichen options and colours.

These screen units can fit into any commercial space where their high-level of acoustic absorbance and natural aesthetics are required such as offices, halls, waiting rooms and reception areas. The curved lines provide a nice contrast to the often straight lines and sharp edges of a typical corporate environment.

The screens come in two different heights so one can play graphically by combining modules of different heights in architecture.

The main components of the products are preserved plants, most notably moss and lichen. These materials require absolutely no maintenance – no pruning, no watering, no sunlight. All the raw plant materials are carefully harvested by hand and painstakingly preserved using specialist techniques.

Each G-Line product acts not only as a natural sound absorber but also helps to reduce stress and promote the general wellbeing we usually find when out walking in nature.