“Evolution” is a new French kitchen tools brand base in Normandy, created by Vincent Le Guern. The brand offers a first collection of four innovative, fresh and reassuring products based on the rich French and European culinary tradition.

Through sensual and graphic shapes, “Evolution” proposes products with innovative functionalities that follow the evolution in our rhythm and way of life and that have been designed to last in time.

Three products of the range have been edited by Evolution in a copper-finish in collaboration with historic French brand Mauviel 1830 thus re-imagining the values of this great French house.

The graphic identity and branding have been done by Coast.

From the most refined presentation to the storage in the most standard cupboard. The possibility to do a variety of presentations by treating the base and the plate of the tart server as two separate element. By reversing the base it turns into a bowl that can be used to serve the various sauces that sometimes accompany the cake.  The plate is conceived in such a way that it helps cut and serve equal portions of tart thanks to some small encrusted marque. This tart server is a piece that will be a decorative element even when not in use. A mix between tradition and modernity.