“Evolution” is a new French kitchen tools brand base in Normandy, created by Vincent Le Guern. The brand offers a first collection of four innovative, fresh and reassuring products based on the rich French and European culinary tradition.

Through sensual and graphic shapes, “Evolution” proposes products with innovative functionalities that follow the evolution in our rhythm and way of life and that have been designed to last in time.

Three products of the range have been edited by Evolution in a copper-finish in collaboration with historic French brand Mauviel 1830 thus re-imagining the values of this great French house.

The graphic identity and branding have been done by Coast.

The chopping board is beyond doubt an essential everyday item, whether it’s for peeling or chopping onions or carrots. And there’s usually a moment in the peeling process when you find that the board is already full of peelings, and now it’s time to chop. So what do you do with the peelings when the vegetables you’re about to chop are still on the board? Do you tip them off onto the work surface, or do you put the vegetables aside so that you can discard the peelings? What you find is that when you’re cutting up food, you often need to extend the board so that you can push aside whatever it is you’ve already cut up, and which is taking up more and more room. This gave us the idea of a “scoop”, built into the board, but which can be slid along the chopping board, and handled as a separate unit.

When you want to tip some ingredients, such as tomatoes, into the pan, it often happens that you want less juice to go in, so as to avoid making the dish too wet. The “scoop” can now operate as a funnel so that you can hold back the chopped tomatoes and run off some of the juice.