The Parenthese cork tiles are modular cork wall panels that thanks to their visual simplicity, size and contrast between a soft curved surface and a pair of straight edges offer the possibility to create a lot of different patterns and designs with one single module. Their length is equal to two times their width so they can easily be combined in different directions to create larger squares of two or four modules placed in different directions.

Their shape and logic as very loosely inspired by some wooden interior wall panels from the 1950’s and 60’s that had small little ribs but with a twist since their oversized dimensions give them their unique personality. Their soft curved shapes are meant to create a soft soothing effect and welcoming atmosphere in a room while still making a real statement and having a real presence. Their name “Parenthses” means “parenthesis” in English. It is meant to evoke their shape and inclusive warthm.

The possibility to further play with modules of different colors, either in the natural cork color or in a dark color, greatly increases the scope for playing with the design and for creating walls that are all the more unique. One could then create striped or checkerboard walls with contrasted these two contrasted colors.

With the introduction of 3D cork tiles in the Greenmood collection, we continue to push the biophilic logic that is the brand's hallmark. In this case, we are not playing with naturally preserved plants, but with the bark of the tree from which cork comes.  Like the mosses and lichens used by Greenmood, cork has good natural acoustic properties and is also a very good thermal insulator.

The sustainability aspect of cork is also a key element of the project. It is a completely renewable material that can be recycled. It comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, which is manually harvested every nine years, as it needs time to regenerate. Its production does not cause or contribute to deforestation.

The natural aspect of these cork tiles is further enhanced by their unique custom texture, which gives them real presence and depth. A special blend of cork has been created to give the tiles their unique texture and color combination, further enhancing their natural qualities. The idea was also to bring a certain irregularity and humanity to each piece and in the end to each wall.

These three-dimensional cork tiles are tools for architects to define their own vision and own unique walls.