Re-Form tables embody the essence of formation and transformation, skillfully combining elements to create cohesive wholes or unexpected and evolutionary blends. This collection is about juxtaposition and unexpected angles. It behaves like a small enigmatic architecture.

This refined collection comprises coffee and side tables of different sizes, designed to provide utmost versatility as either standalone pieces or artistic combinations

The design harmoniously blends strict, straight elements with sweeping, gentle curves, infusing each piece with a captivating subtlety and igniting an engaging conversation within its form. These minimalist yet functional sculptures possess a subtle and yet robust personality that plays with light and a certain perception of mass. They will be constantly redefined by the surrounding light and shadow. The way they are constructed with this opposition between edginess and softness create a discussion within the piece itself.

The collection can be seen as a definition of modules, of building blocks that can be used to define different typologies, functions, and be creative. For instance, the large module used to define a coffee table by placing two pieces back-to-back could also be used as a stand-alone piece against a wall or against the back of a sofa when the sofa is used as an island in the middle of a room.

The possibilities for creativity are vast by combining modules of different heights, employing various wood types. This gives rise to rich and dynamic pieces that can be visually connected in multiple ways or be displayed individually as captivating standalone artworks.