The Cruz planters are a discussion between contrasting forms and materials within a single piece of furniture.

On the one hand, there's the soft elegance of the fiber-reinforced cement pot, with its subtle curves and colors. On the other, there's the quasi-architectural rigidity of the solid wood cross, which ensures the pots' stability and gives the item its unique personality and name, "cruz" meaning cross in Spanish.

The cross-shaped base gives these planters a highly stylized appearance, allowing a play of design combinations within a single piece. It also enhances the pot and plant by placing them on a pedestal.

The colors of the handcrafted fiber cement pots have been carefully chosen to either bring desaturated color peaks into an interior or to play with gradations of color, such as the beige and brown, when arranging pots of different colors together. The gray finish in natural cement gives a rougher, plainer look. In each case, the black cross is a subtle way of highlighting the finish of the pot.