With the cork version of our Modulor screens for Greenmood we are delving deeper into the possibilities offered by biophilic materials and further pushing ahead with the logic of biophilic design.

While the original version of the Modulor screens is covered in natural preserved plants with high acoustic properties, in this case we are using cork, the bark of the tree, and playing with cork in a graphic and textured manner.

These Modulor screens allow people to arrange and rearrange their space over time and bring in natural elements at the same time!  The screens comprise a double-sided acoustic room divider, composed of two panels made of cork and connected to a free-standing metal structure. They are available in 3 models and 2 sizes. Each unit can easily be moved thanks to the concealed wheels.

They offer a large array of graphic possibilities, with some versions designed to liven up a space with colourful 3D patterns, while other versions exude calm and a soothing feeling in a room with natural tones and plain patterns. The collection offers 7 possible cork patterns that can be combined with multiple colours of cork, an assortment of colours of metal frames and 6 different screen designs. This provides a lot of different options for customisation!

A combination of different Modulor screens can be used to create partitions of various lengths and heights to transform a room into a flexible "agile" space that can be configured to your personal needs and add a touch of biophilia.