This sideboard is designed as a backdrop, as a background, as a soothing element that highlights the other elements of a room. It has been designed therefore to be simple enough to accentuate the pieces that are paired with it and that are typically placed in the centre, such as a dining table and chairs, or an armchair, or in some cases a sofa. In fact, it becomes the backdrop.

The distinctive design of the front of the sideboard is inspired by the designs that can be found on modernist building façades. A design that creates both a sense of structure and calm because of how clear and simple its repetition is. These vertical are also the place where the opening lines of the various doors are partly hidden.

The structure that surrounds the sideboard is light, meant to be forgotten, so that the regularity of the repeated rectangles can dominate. This is also why the rounded edges at both ends disappear into the frame of the sideboard.

While being a highly distinctive piece, this sideboard is designed to accentuate the other furniture in the room and thus play its supporting role to perfection.