The Wabi bed is a big chunky welcoming bed that exudes natural simplicity and a laidback Zen attitude. It is nevertheless also a truly architectural piece with a very graphic and honest personality.

The bed is constructed in such a manner that its generously curved body seems to be somewhat floating in the air. This perception is further reinforced by its wooden legs that have a totally different design language and do not fully feel part of the bed’s overall architecture. This contrast between the extreme curves of the bed and the minimalism and rigidity of the legs creates a discussion within the piece where each element reinforces the character of the other.

The backrest is an ergonomic element of the bed, as well as a structural one. It acts as its back legs while giving it its unique architectural movement. The backrest has an uncommon thickness and a rather low height in order to offer a more ergonomic position when people are sitting up in bed to either read or work. It provides good back support and allows the neck to move freely above the headrest and far enough from the wall so that it does not get tense, thus improving the overall comfort of the user.

The remarkably graphic rectangular wooden legs of the bed are one of its most recognizable design features. These legs are available either as vertical external elements attached to the side of the bed, or as horizontal elements that support the bed from underneath, under the bed frame in this case. They are available in various wood finishes. A special technical connection system allows them to be perfectly adjusted to the bed and to any thickness of fabric that could be used to upholster the bed.

The Wabi bed induces comfort and tranquillity but with nevertheless an extremely controlled shape and graphic personality further outlined by piping around it edges.

The upholstery on the bed is completely removable in order to be washable.