The Blaze lantern is designed to be a simple appeasing object that can be carried and bring light and warmth anywhere indoors or outdoors. It is a quiet but never-the-less very graphic piece with clearly readable lines and somewhat of an Asian character.

The whole idea was to hide the tea light candle in as little material as possible. A small mount was created, just like a mountain shaped by the wind or an older volcano, in order to hide a candle that comes flush with the cast base, thus releasing the full power of its light flame while hiding its base.

To give it an extra sense of lightness, it appears to be floating above the table or floor, depending on where it is used, thanks to a special conical base made of a cast aluminum piece with a soft shape and strong texture.

It has a handle that defines the lantern in graphic terms and allows it to be easily moved from one place to the other. The handle is placed high enough over the flame to ensure that it always remains cool.

The flame is protected from the wind by a mouth-blown glass piece which is available either in greyish glass or in different colored versions, allowing for different atmospheres to be created in the evening.

The Blaze lanterns are available in two different sizes.