The beauty of the Extruded collection concept lies in a unique extrusion that allows us to shape an entire collection of suspension lights around it. The work on the ribbed surface of this extrusion allows for a play with light, whether during the day or once lit in the evening, in order to bring life and softness to an industrial process usually seen as rather technical.

The aluminium extrusion can be cut to different sizes. Then a head with a light module and a shade at is inserted at one end, and a hook at the other end in order to be able to hang it. All this is more technical than it seems, of course, but the goal here was not to show the complexity but, on the contrary, to render this technique more human and sensitive.

The design allows you to play with light in a subtle way. The small ribs along the extrusion, which also allow the light module to be cooled, bring a real softness to this technical component and to the aluminium. Their shape is inspired by the white and ribbed paper used by architects to make their models. During the day, these small ribs are revealed by the daylight as it slowly rotates around them throughout the day. In the evening, it is lighting from other sources that will reveal them and bring softness to the suspension.

This idea of transforming technical elements into sensitive elements is also found in the surface treatment of the spun aluminium lampshade, which appears to have retained all the traces of its formal transformation process that made it to pass from a plate to a conical form by being pushed on a counter-form. The metal of the shade is marked with an infinite number of tiny, subtle lines that give it a sort of brushed effect and lend warmth and texture to the light radiating from the lamp and hitting the surface. The same is true for the suspension hook, which is shaped more like a loop formed by a curved rope than a technical hook. Once again, it is a specific component that has been designed and moulded specifically for the lamp, lending it a more human and warmer feel.

These suspension lights of varying lengths have been designed to create vertical rhythms in an interior and thus structure the space in a very simple way. They are also designed to be placed low over a table, in a restaurant for example; It is therefore important that they do not take up too much space visually, and that their shade offers protection from glare. It is, of course, also possible to use several at the same time over a large table or in a stairwell in order to create a real dynamic. The fact that they are available in three different sizes with a wide range of finishes makes them very flexible in terms of how they can be used to illuminate and define a space.