The BuzziTable is virtually the archetype of a table; and yet, this flexible table can create a wide range of atmospheres. 
Inspired by the traditional wooden tables that featured in large kitchens a century ago, and around which the family would gather to prepare meals, the BuzziTable conjures up a certain vision of human interactions, and an aspect of daily life not generally associated with the modern office environment. 

With its generous wooden base and curved lines, the table is designed to be reassuring, appeasing and welcoming. It conveys a sense of stability, a feeling of the importance of people. It is also meant to create a calm atmosphere for the people sitting or working around it. 

It is a design that is defined by its attention to details, such as the curved on the underside of the tablet, the angled connection bar at the base between the legs, and the chamfer on the base of the legs for added refinement.

The table is a juxtaposition between the solid base and a tablet which appears almost to be floating above, thanks to the ultra lightweight appearance of its edges. It is the contrast between solidity and lightness, between robustness and creativity.

Ultimately, it is a highly versatile table, since one can play with the finish of the tabletop to define the character of the table. When treated with a Linoleum tabletop, the table becomes warm to the touch, very human, but also colourful. Alternatively, a marble-like ceramic top confers a premium, high-end finish. 
The BuzziTable is designed to be able to create different types of atmosphere with a homier feel, but also a fresh feeling of wellbeing.