Carry Away is a convenient pen holder that is large enough to hold bigger office accessories and hide them virtually completely thanks to its high sides while keeping them within easy reach.

Its design takes into account the new ways of living and new social habits. When at home, most people prefer not to do their paperwork locked up in a room away from the rest of the family, or simply don’t have a dedicated room at home anymore.  Just as a laptop or tablet can be used or carried away anywhere in a house or apartment, the penholder should be able to follow people anywhere they wish, be it on the couch, bed or dining table. The large, ergonomic handle and high sides keep most items out of view without the need for a lid, keeping the surrounding space as decluttered as possible. People will be happy to do their personal paperwork on their dining table but would not want their pens and pencils lying there all day long… So they can just grab the handle and place the Carry Away pen holder out of sight, on a shelf where it would remain easily accessible, or anywhere else. 

When in an office, the Carry Away pen holder can also help declutter a desk by almost completely hiding all the pens and pencils – and even larger items, such as staplers.  This is a great feature for any personal desk, but even more convenient when working around those large workbenches that can accommodate several co-workers, where visual noise is a nuisance.
This outsized pen holder can also be combined with an extra tray. The tray can be used to hold letters, or any other items.  Both items can tuck away in a second, with the Carry Away pen holder placed right on the tray. Of course, they can also be left lying in the living room and used casually when needed, since the pieces are fairly discreet and made to make what they hold as discreet as possible without having to lift a lid. The overall proportions given to both pieces are inspired by those of decorative center of a table and thus also meant to remain close at hand on a large table.

The bowl with its distinctive handle and the tray can be either used together or separately. The inner part of the pen holder is divided into four compartments, so that small items are easy to organize and locate.

The pieces have been designed to fit either in a home or work environment.