This candleholder-cum-vase is a discussion between the different materials it is made of, hence its name. A visually solid ceramic base which appears to float and which, thanks to its shape, gradually disappears once under the glass dome. As for the glass dome, its generous size gives the piece a real weight of presence, despite being transparent and therefore very light, and in some ways, it is less present...

While being very simple and straightforward, "Matter" is designed to be a real multi-purpose object, acting as either a candle holder or a vase. The internal design of the base means that many different types of candles can be used, including tea lights and standard candles. The ceramic base can also be transformed into a small vase when water is added, to display flowers in various sizes. If the flower is tall, or rather a little dry branch is used, the sides of the glass dome provide support.

The ceramic is finished with a mix of glossy and matt varnishes, giving it a more vibrant appearance under the glass dome.

Matter is, therefore, a simple item that keeps its magic closely guarded and conceals its versatility.

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