The “X-Ray” armchair is a work on the architecture of an armchair. It is designed as if someone had decided to show, to reveal the internal structure of a “traditional” armchair, even if normally that is never worked to be exposed. One thus creates a surprise while preserving ergonomics and comfort.

A first metal structure supports a second structure holding up the seat and back, and serves as an anchoring point for an armrest that runs around and, so to speak, wraps up the chair. This armrest made of wood brings an element of warmth to a structural part that may come into contact with the body.

Once isolated, the various structural elements lend themselves to unexpected, vibrant graphic games, giving depth and life to the whole. The armchair will thus display different personalities according to whether it is viewed from the front, the side, or the back.  So, just like a person that would not reveal all the facets of her personality all at once; it will be discovered little by little as you get to know its many different facets. 

The metal structure is designed as a real architectural game of crossing and superposition of lines. They suggest different layers responding to different structural functions that come together to create the whole.

The structure of the armchair conveys a sense of floating, while the seat offers genuine comfort.  The aspect of lightness of the structure is enhanced by the round-end finish of the feet.