The BuzziMilk is a friendly little stool loosely referring to the old milk stool used a long time ago in our countryside.  One’s again the idea was to be inspired by elements not usually found in a standard working environment in order to create a warm and homey feeling at work and in a way to bring stress-free archetypes into the office. 

In a way, it plays with a certain type of escapism in order to project people in an atmosphere not generally related to a work atmosphere and to thereby created a more relaxed atmosphere and less conflictual feeling in the work environment.

Unlike the historical milk stool, they have four legs in order to be more stable.

The wooden stool will enable people to create lively corners playing with Buzzimilk stools and tables.

This stool is a very graphic add-on element.  Hopefully, they will be a very lively and human piece once placed in a work environment context, but it would be just the same at home!