The “New Perspective” mirrors give the impression of an extra perspective in the room, as if they were the gateway to an extra room, to a different world, a surrealist world of fake perspectives… They represent a stylised and cartoon-like perspective of a wooden floor and walls in a very graphic manner since the original hand drawing of the designer has been used on the mirror.

The idea was to bring life and depth to a mirror which, in a way, is no more than an empty space or at best a reflection of the room it is placed in. The hand drawing is also there to bring warmth and humanity to an otherwise cold surface. With its odd colours (red, blue and green), it has a slight post-modernist feel…

The perception of the New Perspective mirror will be very different depending on the colour(s) used for the graphics. More arty in 3 colours, more graphic in black and more glam when treated in copper since then the copper itself will also reflect the environment of the room.

The mirror is also available in a small version with a little panel in anthracite stained wood, or as a standalone piece without the panel. The panel has a slot into which the mirror is lodged. Again, it generates a very artistic and surrealistic feel when the table is reflected in the mirror which already has a fake perspective.