The groove tables are low round tables that have been given a specific alignment thanks to the graphic “grooves” created in the marble or solid wood tabletop.

Thanks to these grooves, a dialogue and interaction are created between several tables when a mix of three or more tables are used one alongside one other.

People can interact with the tables by mixing tabletops of different materials such as different marbles or wood finishes, but above all by creating new dynamics by playing on the alignment of the grooves.  So in a way, people can interact with the design.

The table bases are made from thick folded metal sheets which, in this case, also creates a groove, a gap, on the inside part of the legs.  This gap is then used to weld the different parts in an invisible manner.

A very wide variety of material/color combinations can be created by either playing with tabletops of identical materials for subtle results or by mixing all table tops in different materials and finishes.