The concept behind the “Structure Sofa” was to play with the architectural structure of a standard sofa, to open it up in order to expose its softer inner side and to create a dynamic movement between the seat cushions and the backrest.

In general, a sofa is very much a box opened on the top and front. In the case of the Structure Sofa, it was like taking a small mock-up of a cardboard box, cutting the sides, and tilting the back and sides together towards the back in order to create a comfortable angle for the backrest and to create this visual movement.  The armrest is also opened at an angle creating a warmer and more welcoming impression.

Since the sofa is resting on a metal structure, we further played with the metal structure of the supporting legs. The exposed metal parts of the sofa can then be treated in a subtle “ton-sur-ton” manner by using matching tones for the metal parts and the upholstered parts or treated in contrasting colors in order to highlight the relationship between the supporting structure and the upholstered parts.

The sofa is designed as a structure that welcomes a set of cushions defining the seating, backrest, and armrest elements.  It also plays graphically with different and contrasting visual weights.

The whole idea was to create a comfortable and ergonomic sofa that would never-the-less look visually lightweight, dynamic, and graphic from all sides, even from the backside.

The sofa and armchair have been designed and developed in order to be turned in to a full-blown collection answering very different needs both from an interior architecture point of view and a user point of view.