This coat stand is a fusion between functionality and a sculptural movement. It is meant to look different from every angle and to create a general graphic tension within the piece.  The general shape is the conceptualization of a person catching a hat. One hand up the air just like the statue of liberty. This sculptural piece is meant to take a life of its own and become truly unique as people set their cloth on it. Only then do all the openings acquire their true function. They can be used to place things that are normally difficult to place on standard coat stands, like gloves, scarves, or anything else one might think of. The lower openings can easily be used by children who can now manage their garments by themselves, as they so much like to do.

If put in a raw, a series of coat stands can become very lively room dividers.

Conceived in a very graphical manner, so that 2 separate 2D elements can turn into visually dense 3D sculpture. Both parts slide one into the other in order to give birth to the three-dimensional shape. No screws are needed, the two parts slide tightly one into the other. This upper market coat stand is made out of manually lacquered MDF wood.