The Tectonic table series is based on the idea of movement within the construction of its shape but also the ability to create unexpected freeform geometry by shifting and juxtaposing several small tables one next to the other.

Hence, these tables are a combination of a plastic and a graphic approach. The concept comes from the will to create pieces of furniture that are non-static, but also to give the end-user the possibility to created their own story and, in a way, their own design when playing with several pieces.

The tables are either very graphic when treated as wireframe structures and more straight forward when used with a plain top. It is obvious that one can also play with the notion of opened and closed spaces by mixing them all together. When presented as a wireframe, while looking from above, one can also clearly read in the movement the shape of a rose.

So these pieces, in their very simplicity, aim both at speaking to our geometric and Cartesian side but also to our more romantic side.